Pay Per Click

PPC, which is the abbreviation of Pay Per Click, represents the marketing activity that makes you pay each time when someone clicks on your ad.

PPC is often a preference for companies who want to increase their traffic via digital advertising. Marketing channels like Google, Facebook etc. provide advertisers the option to get charged per click.

Let’s discover together the right digital strategy with the suitable advertising channels and payment option for your goals.


There are many ways of using pay per click option:

Search Engine Marketing



Imagine you would like to show your ads to people who are searching for keywords related to your business. They are making this search in search engines like Google, Yandex etc. and in order to reach those people, you need a Search Engine Marketing campaign.


Let’s build the right Search Engine Marketing strategy for you and implement it together to make you achieve your goals!

Google AdWords



With 83.49%, Google is the leading search engine in the UK. (Statista, 2017)


We can create your Google Search campaigns via Google AdWords, which is Google’s advertising platform.


If you don’t have a Google AdWords account don’t worry, we can create it for you. Even if you stop advertising, you can always keep your AdWords account and historical data with no additional cost.​

Display Advertising


Reach your customers with appealing image ads! Display advertising increases your brand awareness and makes you get in touch with your potential customers while they spend time on different websites.


We can create your image ads for you and target the right audience to achieve your goals. Let’s work together!

Let’s prepare a bespoke strategy for your needs and create all the required procedures for you.

Gmail Advertising


Willing to increase exposure of your ads for a complete brand awareness? Or, having a great promotion? Let’s show your ads on top of your potential customers’ inboxes.

You can also choose to pay per click with our